Public Works Programme is a safety net intervention that provides temporary employment to enrolled  poor households to work on labour-intensive activities while providing income support and contributing to the creation of community assets.

PWP is planned to be implemented to all PAA in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar by waves. For the first  it is planned to be implemented to 8 PAAs as pilot as follows; Bagamoyo DC, Kibaha DC, Chamwino DC, Lindi  DC, Lindi MC, Mtwara MC, Unguja and Pemba. The lean season for these PAAs start in November , but  beneficiaries will start actual implementation of activities in December. A total of 357 villages will be covered expecting to reach 58,259 beneficiaries.

As at 31 October, 2014preparatory activities have been carried as follows:
A total of 443 facilitators have been trained from the 8 PAAs. 283 facilitators were involved for sensitization and identification of PWP subprojects while 160 facilitators have been involved in micro planning (subprojects design, budgets preparation and one year plans. Name of PAA and number of trained  facilitators in the brackets are as follows; Bagamoyo DC (59) Kibaha DC (54) Chamwino DC (67) Lindi DC (71) Lindi MC (30) Mtwara MC (36) Unguja (66) and Pemba (56).

Identification and design of PWP labour intensive activities to the targeted Villages/Mitaa and Shehia is done and a total of 544 subprojects have been designed ready for implementation.

The 8 PAAs and their total number of Designed Subprojects in brackets are Bagamoyo DC (122), Kibaha DC (49), Chamwino DC (91), Lindi DC (131), Lindi MC (35), Mtwara MC (39), Unguja (33) and Pemba (44).  

Design, preparation of budgets and implementations plans of all prioritised subprojects
The exercise have been completed for all 8 PAA and their respective targeted villages. All PAAs have submitted the summary of subprojects ready for disbursement of PWP inputs.

Training of Trainers for  Management of PWP Subprojects at community level
A total of 71 Trainers have been trained from all 8 PAA as follows
Bagamoyo DC (10), Kibaha DC (9), Chamwino DC (8), Lindi MC (8), Lindi DC (12), Mtwara MC (8), Unguja (8) and Pemba (8).

Training of CMC
Training of CMC is expected to be done during November 2014 to all 357 villages followed by procurement of inputs including hiring of  LSP. Actual field work will start on 1st December 2014.