It is with pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to all our readers to our new TASAF website. This website offers information about TASAF, its work and activities which needless to say has impacted positively on the needy poor communities country wide.

TASAF is indeed a house hold name and through its work from 2000 to date has touched the lives of millions of people around Tanzania Mainland and Tanzania Zanzibar, through supporting community sub projects across all sectors including agriculture, health, roads, education, irrigation, water, food security, and cross-cutting activities including HIVAIDS and environment.

TASAF is also proud to be a learning ground to projects from African countries namely Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, Nigeria to mention but a few who had sent delegates to learn from TASAF notable achievements through a Community Driven Development (CDD) approach to implementation of community sub projects.

For those visiting our website for the first time, you have made the right decision as here is where you will get an opportunity to know TASAF better in its support to community interventions and linkages with other key stakeholders in poverty reduction in the country. TASAF has been in operation for over a decade. TASAF started in 2000 after a one year pilot experience in 1999.

The First Phase was of four years from 2000 – 2004; the Second Phase ran from 2005 to June 30, 2013. We are now in TASAF’s Third Phase which was officially launched by his Excellency, the President of United Republic of Tanzania Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete on 15th August 2012 in Dodoma.

TASAF III is implementing a Productive Social Safety Net Program (TASAF III PSSN) as one of government key strategies for operationalizing social protection policy in Tanzania. The objective of the TASAF III PSSN is to increase beneficiaries’ income and opportunities while improving consumption.

Main beneficiaries of TASAF III are poor and vulnerable households living under the basic need poverty line. These households will benefit from a combination of three cash transfers: basic and variable transfers and cash transfer through participation in labor-intensive public works. There is also a capacity enhancement component for the beneficiaries on savings and investments as a specific strategy towards the targeted beneficiaries to graduate out of poverty. In addition we have a targeted Infrastructure component to support on health, education and water sectors.

Our Vision is to empower the poor households to graduate out of poverty and have sustainable social and economic development, while our Mission is to build capacities of key stakeholders involved in poverty reduction initiatives with emphasis on community driven development, accountability, transparency and full participation in social and economic development aspects.

The TASAF website has a new face specially designed to meet our reader’s expectations. We have plenty to offer in terms of information related to TASAF work ranging from community sub project implementation, study and assessment reports, current news on TASAF activities as well as a photo gallery.

Your suggestions on improvement of the website in terms of content and outlook will also be accommodated as seems necessary.

Wishing you all a good read as you explore our informative website.