Saturday, January 31, 2015

MIS Overview

TASAF’s Management Information System (MIS), which is simple and efficient serves as the primary source of information for the overall M&E system, that is used as a management tool to track TASAF inputs, processes, outputs and activities and to monitor whether these are being delivered in line with the expectations of the TMU.

The MIS will also be used to collect, store and generate information that will be used to measure benefits accruing to recipient communities and to monitor the sustainability of the TASAF approach as well as the sustainability of community sub-projects.

The MIS will provide TASAF stakeholders physical and financial information about the progress of sub-project activities, and permit, field officers and beneficiaries to track the movement of resources as sub-projects are implemented. Since the TASAF MIS is computer-based, it is envisioned that District/Island offices will be linked into a network using cost-effective and efficient communication links.

In a timely manner, TASAF MIS will be consolidated at TMU so as to enable generation of the monthly, quarterly, annual, and mid-term reports as well as ad-hoc reports on TASAF activities.

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